But This is Only a Make-Believe Holiday

This make-believe holiday promotes love and affection for those who are more than friends.

But I love you.

I want your affection.

But in a world where today you can only love a significant other this day is not fair.

You are not my significant other.

But I can spend every waking moment in your presence.

We are not in a dating relationship.

But I love our moonlit talks on the faintly lit streets in our town.

You do not call me honey bear, sweetie pie, or darling.

But I love when you call me.

This day may be full of beating hearts longing for love, affection, and chocolate.

But I love you.

You have a flicker of golden laughter in your eyes.

You stay with me in the deepest of struggles so I am not alone.

You dance around the room with me to celebrate the joys in life.

You come prepared for every disappointment.

You remind me that there will be a new day.

You are my best friend.

But I love you.

But I appreciate all you have done for me.

But for this make-believe holiday you cannot be my valentine.

Because you are my every day valentine.


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